The 41st China International Furniture Fair(Guangzhou)

2/1/2018 - 4/1/2018

Exhibition Profile:

Time:March 29th , 2018

Venue:China Import & Export Fair Complex & PWTC Expo


Office Furniture

Office Furniture (Office Seating, Book Shelves, Office Desk/Table, Safe Cabinet, Partition, Storage Unit, Partitioning Wall, Filling Cabinets, Office Accessories, Others, please specify)

Hotel Furniture(Hotel Furniture, Mattress, Restaurant Furniture, Sofa, Bar Chair & Desk)

Commercial Furniture(Public Furniture (Airport Furniture, Theatre/Auditoria Furniture and so on), Public Seating, School Furniture, Laboratory Furniture)

Machinery & Materials

Machinery(Edge banding machine, Wood processing, Drying equipment, Engraving machine, Leather tailoring machine, Tools & cutters, Pneumatic tools, Machines for upholstery & bedding, Others)

Furniture Materials(Hardware fitting, Semi-finished products for office furniture, Aluminium section for modular furniture, Panels & Stone, Upholstery & Bedding, Packing materials, PVC & Veneers, Fabrics & Leather, Chemical materials, Others)

Organizers:China National Furniture Association

                    China Foreign Trade Center (Group)

                    Guangdong Furniture Association

                    Hong Kong Furniture & Decoration Trade Association

Sponsor: China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corp.

VIP Buyer Service:

The 41st China International Furniture Fair(Guangzhou) buyers VIP group subsidies rewards program:

1、VIP green channel to provide a quick report, free Registration of “Visitor Badges” services.

2、Lunch allowance,RMB 100 yuan in cash.

3、Hotel accommodation allowance, RMB 200 yuan in cash.

4、Exhibition consulting and personnel to guide service.

VIP Buyer’s Itinerary

The first day                 All over the world to yiwu

                                     Please arrange your own stay

The second day            8:00-8:30, Having breakfast

                                     8:30-9:00, Gather in a designated place

                                     9:00-9:30, Display the “visitor Badge” to enter the

                                                       exhibition hall

                                     10:00-12:00, Follow Group leader to visit professional

                                                           booth a round

                                     12:00, Having lunch by yourself

                                     13:00, Visit the exhibition by yourself 

                                     16:30, Finish the activities

 Buyer’s Tips:

1、This event applies only to foreign buyers

2、This event only to the one buyer from each company.

3、All buyers must provide passports, Chinese visa, business cards, purchase lists .

3、All buyers should take the business card to the exhibition.

4、All VIP buyers’ Visitor Badges have been completed ahead of time.

5、If you have any controversy, Guangzhou Yibai Media Co., Ltd. reserves all final interpretation and decision.


If you want to join in the VIP group, please click the "Register" in the upper right.

The quota of the exhibition VIP group only have 65 tickets. The registration deadline is In February 22nd, 2018.

If you have any problem about VIP group, you can

Click "Consult " on upper right                 Reception service hotline: 18022309805

Wechat: 18022309805(buyerserve)     E-mail :

VIP buyer register deadline: The quota of the exhibition VIP group only have 65 tickets

VIP buyer reward:  Free registration of "Visitor Badges" services + Hotel accommodation allowance, RMB 200 in cash+ Lunch allowanceRMB 100 in cash + Exhibition consulting and personnel to guide service

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