China International Door Industry Exhibition19 th
Mar.15th-18th Beijing,China
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Frequency:once a year Since:2002
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Exhibition Profile
Exhibition Name China International Door Industry Exhibition
Time Mar.15th-18th
Venue New China International Exhibition Center
Door Accessories
Home Furnishing
Organizers Organizer:

Beijing Zhongzhuang Weijia Strategy For Exhibition Co.,Ltd;
Beijing WSJ United Strategy For Exhibition Co.,Ltd


China National Forest Products  Industry Association;

China Timber&Timber Products  Circulation Association;

China Door Industry Club;

China WSJ United International Co.,Ltd

Exhibition Introduction Since fist held from 2002,China International Door Industry Exhibition(CIDE) has greatly promoted the communication and trade cooperation of China door industry, is the real promoter and witness of the prosperity of door industry market, and has been acclaimed as the “wind vane and booster of door industry development”. CIDE is now became the first exhibition platform for foreign and domestic door, window and related enterprises to trade goods, build market channel, expand horizon, share thoughts, make progress together and continue to innovate.
Exhibition Data
Exhibition Site Area
1310 Exhibitors
159852 Overseas Visitors
Exhibition Activities

1、Evaluation of China Forestry Industry Innovation Award (Wood Door Industry)

2、China Bedroom Door Design Contest

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